Arab common market newspaper writes about the Union

Arab market editor speaks with members of the Union


   Dr. Arafat Abolhassan member Federation Board of Directors confirmed that the mines and quarries is a natural resources belong to the country, did not have any in the previous party or gathering or union members or idea to talk about the overall mining quarries or mines.

He added that the idea began two years ago and began implementation since last March when we found ourselves not affiliated or classified for union contractors or union anthem and construction because the nature of our work has nothing to do construction or construction, so we decided to work union brings together all the disciplines and combines many of those working in the quarries and mines, and added that the Union is subject under the general regulations of the institutions and associations and federations.

He pointed out that the EU seeks to preserve the overall shape of the mines and quarries for today we see the looting of these quarries without awareness, scientific or mining roads valid practical reasons, we do not trade on the natural wealth of the country but also extract wealth from within the country and offer it as a market state like any other state owned industries and ores.

In addition, it complements some other party has lost the first step and the second step the other party.

Union are non-profit but aimed at everyone who works under the umbrella of the mining and quarrying service facility.

Explaining has members from Arab and African countries, adding that the EU accept all of the works in the field of mining and quarrying to be a member of our Union, in addition to the establishment of the General Assembly in June, pointing out that the Union carries out the work of the protocols with embassies and ministries are also seeking to enter the Union under the umbrella of the Arab League and the Council of economic Unity because of a common Arab interests of the Arab peoples to progress in order to serve in this area, pointing to possess the Arab world and Africa, and a large part of Saudi Arabia, Jordan is considered the richest mining areas in the world.

He added that mining in the Arab world of the most important resources in the ground, pointing to the Mozambican Line, which runs from Mozambique to Halayib and Shalateen in Egypt, which contains only the Gold homeland Arab contains all kinds of metal, pointing out that Saudi Arabia has a very important metals and some of them did not discover in addition to many of the minerals in Egypt has not yet been discovered, adding that mining needs to geological research, which is working to identify areas containing minerals in addition to determining the types of minerals, random roads in the extraction of minerals makes mining cost is very high, explaining that he had in the previous was extracted from tons of sand or rock half a gram of gold, and this is the return of a weak lead to losses, but with geological research and provide the means of mining today is extracted 3 grams of per ton, and this is a very good economic return because the cost of extracting gold from tons per sand does not exceed ten pounds.

He added that research within the Ministry of Scientific Research different from research work in mines and quarries Vibhatna done by drilling and geological maps and extract samples and electronic radiology system, which appears in the soles of the mountain of certain metal layers thick.

Asked What are the obstacles and problems facing the mining system?

He said the laws governing the process of mining is very weak, and encourages investors to enter the country because of the fear of the state of the theft of natural resources, law is good is not to have the quarry, but the right to exploit the right of use for a period of 33 years is not renewed there and this time is sufficient and well, we do annually renew the work of the armed forces permit, but there is a problem is that the investor is facing difficulties in extracting a statement where it is due to the armed forces and the Ministry of Antiquities and the Ministry of Agriculture and this circuit consumes a large part of the consumer time, we want to deal directly with one hand was like the province, adding that the State thing for taking the ratio of the volume of extracted minerals.

On the other hand, said that previous governments decisions were wrong when it allowed for China in the field of marble entry and its import stone vultures then exported to Italy and this is what the impact on the export of marble from Egypt to Italy in addition to the establishment of the current government to lift marble export value of 200 pounds fee for the meter and this may affect the export process, although the Egyptian marble of the finest types of marble specifications, we consider the world’s first possession of silica sand in the government but to impose export duties of 50 pounds per ton, the impact on the export of 100%, including the state of Italy and Turkey.

He pointed out that the government did not raise the alternative industries for this product Vmassana glass in Egypt bought silica sand second-class, but the majority of mines and quarries have first-class, explaining that the sands of the first class are manufactured, including plasma screens and glasses and crystal, explaining that in Egypt there is the second largest glass manufacturer in the world it Asfour Crystal factory after the State of Belgium, and is clear that Italy is the main distributor in Europe because they are washed sand and crushed, today we are working on the idea of ​​washing sand and crushed and this idea is very strong put Egypt in the global standing in the manufacture of glass.

On the other hand, pointed out that the number of people working in the mining and quarrying of 25 thousand workers.

Turning also to the iron industry and stressed that it is very high in Egypt due to the unavailability of all raw materials in the industry, pointing out that the iron Ukrainian invade the Egyptian market because the cost is cheaper and thus its price is cheaper, and pointed out that the price of cement is linked to the price of iron, indicating that the cost of tons of cement amounting to 220 pounds, and is sold by 400%.

He pointed out that Egypt suffers from the problem of energy and this is what prompted the government to think about the use of coal, pointing out that Egypt has no coal at all only the cave coal in the Sinai, which is not in favor of coal for use, as it is water-drenched and try to use it is very expensive, as the extracted and dried consumes greater effort is greater than the time and space.

For his part, Engineer Isaac Abraham, Vice President of the Union stressed that the objectives of the Union lies in providing support and assistance to its members in all fields of development and delivery of work methods to achieve the best stylet economic in addition to the exchange of experiences between the EU members and access to advanced modern technology included Members efforts until they are providing the best conditions and work on this technology in line with the nature and reality of Members and equipment activities.

He added that the objectives of the Union conduct research and prepare economic feasibility studies for projects to be set up and provide the Arab experience of economic and foreign, also the implementation of new projects in proportion to meet the Arab World and Pan-African needs in addition to developing training and rehabilitation programs to raise the efficiency of workers in the field of mining and quarrying and assist members in providing Ahtiajtahm of technical and administrative cadres through exchanges among themselves, and work to establish close relations between the Arab and African bodies and the establishment of these companies to the Arab Economic Unity Council.

For his part, O.jirjis Massoud President of the Union stressed that the EU plan during the next Alsnot is contact through exhibitions, conferences and work databases under the supervision of Jean-information technology and planning in order to display the projects carried out by the Union and make it available to all through the Union site in addition to offer opportunities for investors in Union area.

He added that the EU project financing plan, both of Union or donors in addition to project work for the protection of workers under the EU umbrella, and the work of logistics projects that serve many African countries such as Nigeria, Chad and Cameroon through Lake Chad, in addition to the work of training courses on how to work and production using sustainable development.